The Transformation of Public Leadership: A Case Study on Vivek Ramaswamy


Introduction: The landscape of American politics has shifted dramatically in recent years, and not just in terms of policy or ideology. The very persona of a political leader seems to have morphed into something altogether different. Enter Vivek Ramaswamy, a biotech entrepreneur, author, and increasingly, a political commentator and potential public servant. As a successful businessman myself, I've admired Mr. Ramaswamy's drive, intelligence, and articulate arguments on socio-political issues. For a while, I even envisioned him as a promising Vice President to Donald Trump. However, the recent launch of "The Vivek Show" on YouTube made me pause and re-evaluate the current [...]

The Transformation of Public Leadership: A Case Study on Vivek Ramaswamy2023-08-31T08:32:24+00:00

The Truth About Free Business Advice: Debunking the Wanna-Be Gurus


In today's fast-paced business world, it's important to stay ahead of the curve and stay informed about the latest trends, strategies, and tactics for success. Unfortunately, the internet is littered with self-proclaimed "gurus" and "experts" who claim to have all the answers to business success, but often their advice is nothing more than generic, recycled information that has been regurgitated time and time again. The problem with these supposed "gurus" is that they prey on the vulnerable and those who are searching for quick and easy answers. They offer up their supposed "secrets" to success for a monthly fee or subscription, [...]

The Truth About Free Business Advice: Debunking the Wanna-Be Gurus2023-03-06T03:12:36+00:00

Weather the Storm: A Guide to Preparing Your Business for a 2023 Recession


The global economy is currently facing a number of challenges that could lead to a major recession in 2023. As an entrepreneur, it's important to be prepared for this possibility so that you can weather the storm and come out on the other side stronger than before. In this blog, I will explore some strategies for preparing your business for a recession in 2023. The first step in preparing for a recession is to assess your current financial situation. This includes looking at your cash flow, debt levels, and overall financial health. If you have a strong financial foundation, you will [...]

Weather the Storm: A Guide to Preparing Your Business for a 2023 Recession2023-01-24T16:24:24+00:00

Advice For Your 2020 Goals


Here's some advice from me to you for 2020. Write down all your mistakes from 2019 and call them lessons. Make sure you go over each one and do what you need to do to master them going forward. Our failures are what shape us in life. The greatest entrepreneurs and athletes of all time failed a million times before they succeeded. Think of how many free throws or passes the greatest athletes missed before they hit the ones that really counted. The more reps you accrue in mistakes, the better chance you have in success. Know that you can lose [...]

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What Makes A Company Great?


I believe what makes a company truly great is profitability. In my opinion, many companies these days are focusing too much on having a friendly culture, appealing to sponsors and essentially the "politics" behind the business and venture capitalism. Many companies have lost sight of the ultimate goal of being profitable, first and foremost, and that means hitting those large sales numbers. This is the key differentiating factor that my businesses bring to the market. Many potentially good companies are focused on culture, customer service, fancy marketing ads and so on and are misallocating their overhead to resources that deter from [...]

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The Importance of Asking Questions Before Closing a Sale


It's not all about pitching your product or service from the very beginning. The best salespeople in the world don't sell, per se. They ask questions and listen to what people want. In my time as a business owner, I've heard a common misconception time and time again: that salespeople have the vocabulary, the looks and the hunger for money alone. I've been in business for myself my entire life, which has made me be a great salesman whether I wanted to be or not. In business, everything starts with sales. Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I learned to focus and become better [...]

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Learn From Your Favorite Sports Teams And Apply It To Business


Teamwork is defined as “the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient.”  Looking to sports for inspiration, you’ll notice that this is a common theme amongst all the best teams and athletes. Whether it’s soccer, baseball or even auto racing, they all rely on teamwork to advance further. The main objective is to win. But without a strong team behind each individual player, they wouldn’t be able to succeed. NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt wouldn’t be able to compete without a crew behind him. Pit crews range from two to twenty people all working together to help [...]

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How Five Successful Entrepreneurs Prepared For High Growth


Every successful startup is bound to experience growing pains. You’re attracting more clients, dealing with a heavier workload, and wondering how you’re going to accommodate all the new growth. But scaling up doesn’t have to seem so daunting, as long as you take the right steps before the increased demand. Below, five successful entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council discuss their best tips for managing growth. Know Where Your Efficiency Lies Adrian Ghila, CEO of Luxe RV Inc.COURTESY OF ADRIAN GHILA To accommodate for new growth, Adrian Ghila, CEO and founder of luxury RV rental company Luxe RV Inc., turns to automation. “In order to be able to [...]

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Why Delegation Doesn’t Work In Small Businesses (And What Leaders Should Do Instead)


Nearly every book about business and every business guru will advise a small business founder or CEO to learn the art of delegation. I was one of the ones who believed that if I didn't delegate, I would never be able to grow my businesses or personal net worth. Surprisingly, I was let down most of the time by the agents I delegated to. And as usual, I blamed myself and tried to find better ways to delegate. In the meantime, I was completing the tasks myself, and slowly realized that I was wasting my time and my employees' time by [...]

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13 Useful Retirement Planning Tips for Entrepreneurs


Diversify and Never Retire Diversify your activities and most importantly, never retire. A true entrepreneur will never reach a point of full satisfaction. Plus, it’s my personal belief that retirement is really not good for you. Any entrepreneur should diversify and when your financials allow it, invest in real estate for your peace of mind. It is best to invest in a new development and in an area that you believe in.   Source:

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