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WHY WORK WITH Adrian Ghila?

Having built and sold a significant real estate developing company in Romania, Adrian Ghila has continued with his successful business interests in the U.S., as CEO of Los Angeles based Luxe RV, and founder of Earth Car Wash & Loop VAN, and Proiect 3 Holdings (an investment company). Adrian’s entrepreneurial spirit, ethical business background, and corporate expertise continue to drive Luxe RV, as well as his other businesses, successfully forward.
Adrian is an astute and savvy businessman and pushes himself to not only excel in all he does but especially to deliver the finest product possible to his customers.  He now lives and breathes for this industry, every day thinking of new ways to improve the quality of service his company provides.
Adrian Ghila is now looking in investing in small smart companies. Providing not only the investment itself but his knowledge and potentially relocating your company into one of his offices.


INC MAGAZINE  institution named Adrian Ghila top 100 CEO in 2018. Gallup Test results came with 5/6 leader in major business trades.

  • International Business experience – Over 16 years of business experience in Europe and USA.

  • Real Estate – Development and Remodeling

  • Tech Startups – Web and app based businesses

The focus in on Technology, Medicine, Real Estate and AI.


Become the difference.

I will not waste any time on tasks that do not matter or to not help towards a greater cause.

Do not start anything that you can see it through. Plan it well before and execute the plan perfectly. No time to waste.

Being logic is the best thing that happened to humanity. Having the common sense makes people get along and help humanity advancing with a better understanding of the consequences.

My father lesson since I was a kid:

Think twice before you speak.

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