A Day in the Life of a Successful Entrepreneur: Balancing Innovation and Leadership


A Day with Me: Unwrapping the Life of an Entrepreneur Ever wondered what it's like to walk a day in the shoes of an entrepreneur? Let’s take a dive into my typical day, where balancing business hustle and personal health is the name of the game. Rise and Shine: The Early Bird Gets the Worm My day kicks off while most of the world is still in slumber, between 5 and 6 AM. First up is my invigorating ice bath. Trust me, it’s a game-changer - it’s like a shock to the system that says, “Hey, it’s time to rise and [...]

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Weather the Storm: A Guide to Preparing Your Business for a 2023 Recession


The global economy is currently facing a number of challenges that could lead to a major recession in 2023. As an entrepreneur, it's important to be prepared for this possibility so that you can weather the storm and come out on the other side stronger than before. In this blog, I will explore some strategies for preparing your business for a recession in 2023. The first step in preparing for a recession is to assess your current financial situation. This includes looking at your cash flow, debt levels, and overall financial health. If you have a strong financial foundation, you will [...]

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The Power of Entrepreneurship in a World of Turmoil


Today's shit said nice: The world as we know it is changing at an unprecedented pace. From political upheaval to economic instability, it can be difficult to make sense of the chaos that surrounds us. But amidst the turmoil, there are glimmers of hope. As entrepreneurs, we have the power to shape the world in which we live, to create a better future for ourselves and for generations to come. In this blog, I will explore the problems that we face as a society, and offer solutions and a vision for a brighter tomorrow. The first problem that we face is [...]

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Advice For Your 2020 Goals


Here's some advice from me to you for 2020. Write down all your mistakes from 2019 and call them lessons. Make sure you go over each one and do what you need to do to master them going forward. Our failures are what shape us in life. The greatest entrepreneurs and athletes of all time failed a million times before they succeeded. Think of how many free throws or passes the greatest athletes missed before they hit the ones that really counted. The more reps you accrue in mistakes, the better chance you have in success. Know that you can lose [...]

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What Makes A Company Great?


I believe what makes a company truly great is profitability. In my opinion, many companies these days are focusing too much on having a friendly culture, appealing to sponsors and essentially the "politics" behind the business and venture capitalism. Many companies have lost sight of the ultimate goal of being profitable, first and foremost, and that means hitting those large sales numbers. This is the key differentiating factor that my businesses bring to the market. Many potentially good companies are focused on culture, customer service, fancy marketing ads and so on and are misallocating their overhead to resources that deter from [...]

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The Importance of Asking Questions Before Closing a Sale


It's not all about pitching your product or service from the very beginning. The best salespeople in the world don't sell, per se. They ask questions and listen to what people want. In my time as a business owner, I've heard a common misconception time and time again: that salespeople have the vocabulary, the looks and the hunger for money alone. I've been in business for myself my entire life, which has made me be a great salesman whether I wanted to be or not. In business, everything starts with sales. Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I learned to focus and become better [...]

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Learn From Your Favorite Sports Teams And Apply It To Business


Teamwork is defined as “the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient.”  Looking to sports for inspiration, you’ll notice that this is a common theme amongst all the best teams and athletes. Whether it’s soccer, baseball or even auto racing, they all rely on teamwork to advance further. The main objective is to win. But without a strong team behind each individual player, they wouldn’t be able to succeed. NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt wouldn’t be able to compete without a crew behind him. Pit crews range from two to twenty people all working together to help [...]

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The importance of a morning routine


Should you have a morning routine or should you carpe diem?   Entrepreneurs, business people, and executives, please read below. Everyone else, carpe diem on some adventure websites.   Well, let's start with the fact that I think is crucial to have a morning routine. The first 5-10 min will dictate your day, and the morning structure will map out your day.   What works for me? Every morning I wake up at 5 am. This is for the most part naturally. Rarely I need an alarm. I guess that on top of the fact that I don't sleep much, my [...]

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From a professional athlete to a businessman


I started playing team-handball when I was 11 years old. I played for Steaua, Bucharest. A lot of people here in the US have no idea about this sport. It's easily confused with the American handball (hitting the ball against the wall with your hands).Team Handball is quite complex. To get a glimpse of it, here is a youtube video showcasing the best goals: https://youtu.be/54C1l4njZME Anyhow, the point is that I've always been very interested in business, negotiation, new projects, etc and most importantly, winning. I remember my real profitable business was at only 6 years old. You see, my parents [...]

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Business Collective: Meet Adrian Ghila, Founder and CEO at Luxe RV


"Dream big, and then dream even bigger — imagine your company in 2-3 years and multiply that dream by 10." Adrian Ghila is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He is the founder of Earth Car Wash LLC, and the founder/CEO at Luxe RV, Inc. Follow him @adrianghila. Who is your hero? (In business, life, or both.) My dad. He taught me to think twice and speak once. I’m still working on that. He also taught me to negotiate from a young age. Not only did I have to make deals in our house all day long, but he also trusted me at only 12 years old [...]

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