Earth Car Wash brings its mobile car wash, organic and biodegradable products, straight to where your car is parked.


Many people in Newport Beach strive to be eco-friendly, but sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint how to go green.

While some environmentally friendly options can be less convenient, more expensive, and harder to come by, a Newport Beach mobile car wash is providing an alternative. Earth Car Wash is designed to conveniently work around the customer’s schedule, uses only all-natural, green, waterless products and strives for stellar customer service.

“I wanted a service where the employees know your car, they know you, you know them, and you trust each other,” Adrian Ghila, owner of Earth Car Wash, said. “As a customer, I want someone to offer me a wax because it will be good for my car, not because they’re trying to upsell me.”

If you are stuck at work, school, or out running errands with no extra time to spare, Earth Car Wash will come to wherever your car is parked. They travel via Smart Car, supply their own power, and their waterless process is both clean and efficient.

According to Ghila, traditional car washes use a wasteful amount of water, up to 45 gallons for a commercial car wash and as much as 140 gallons for a hand car wash, and the runoff can deposit harmful chemicals, soaps, and oils into the soil and local waterways.

“With these products, there’s no strong smell, it’s all natural and biodegradable, and it won’t leave a residue on your car like other standard cleaning products,” Michael Cabansag, an Earth Car Wash employee, said. “It’s 100 percent clean.”

Interested? Earth Car Wash has been around since 2010, and recently launched its mobile unit in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa. The mobile car wash also services Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange Counties.

Same day and plan-ahead appointments are available, visit