Are you looking to sell your business during the COVID-19/Pandemic times?


We all know, including me, that a big recession is coming. And the reason I am stating this is only that I am looking into acquiring small businesses for the long term play.
In all reality, most of the small businesses will fail. Now or in 6 months. I want to buy a great structured business, keep the founder and the employees, and strategize it for the long term play.

It is not rocket science, one losing its business is selling it to one that has a long term play. It is a win-win situation. I do not want to be unemotional about this, but when the reality hits, any business owner or entrepreneur knows is time to find solutions.


Here are some of the businesses that I am currently interested in:
(if is outside the areas mentioned, I am not interested, so please do not apply)

  • Brewery / Beer Brand
    – In US or Europe (very open to the location)
  • Gym / Fitness
    – Los Angeles – Austin – Barcelona – Bucharest
  • Boutique Hotel / Vacation Rental
    – Los Angeles – Denver – Austin – Marbella – Bucharest
  • Car Rental / Exotic Car Rental
    – Los Angeles – Nice – Monaco – Bucharest


Few other conditions to follow before submitting:

  • Long term lease or owning the real estate is big factor
  • The business had been profitable and growing for the last 3 years
  • Minimum yearly sales of $750,000.00 (2019)