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With a track record of success spanning two countries, Adrian Ghila brings a wealth of experience and achievements to the table. Adrian’s journey began with significant accomplishments in real estate development. His entrepreneurial spirit, ethical business principles, and corporate expertise have continued to propel his various ventures.

Adrian Ghila is not just a businessman; he is a visionary who constantly strives for excellence in everything he undertakes. He is driven by a deep commitment to delivering the highest quality of service, which permeates every aspect of his work.

Today, Adrian Ghila is focused on a new chapter in his journey: investing in small, innovative companies. Beyond providing financial support, he offers his invaluable knowledge and expertise to help these companies thrive. Additionally, for select ventures, Adrian may explore the possibility of facilitating the creation of a collaborative and growth-oriented environment.

Collaborating with Adrian Ghila means aligning with a seasoned professional who has a proven track record of success and a passion for excellence. His dedication to continuous improvement and commitment to innovation make him a valuable partner for any business venture.


INC MAGAZINE  institution named Adrian Ghila top 100 CEO in 2018. Gallup Test results came with 5/6 leader in major business trades.

  • International Business experience – Over 18 years of business experience in Europe and USA.

  • Real Estate – Development and Remodeling

  • Tech Startups – Web and app based businesses

The focus in on Technology, Medicine, Real Estate and AI.


Become the difference.
Adrian Ghila is on a mission to make a meaningful impact in everything he does. He believes in the power of purpose and strives to ensure that every endeavor contributes positively to the world.

“Make It Matter” is a core value for Adrian Ghila, reflecting his commitment to ensuring that every action, project, or endeavor has a significant and positive impact. It embodies the idea that purpose and meaningful contributions are essential drivers of success. Adrian Ghila strives to make a difference in the world by focusing on endeavors that truly matter and align with his mission and values.

Optimize Every Step

Efficiency is at the core of Adrian Ghila’s approach. He values streamlined processes, resource optimization, and maximizing results with the least effort. Efficiency is the key to achieving more with less.

Sound Reasoning

Logic is the foundation of Adrian Ghila’s decision-making process. He relies on rational thinking, evidence-based analysis, and a clear understanding of cause and effect to navigate challenges and make informed choices.

Innovate and Create

Thinking is an ongoing process for Adrian Ghila. He encourages continuous innovation and creative problem-solving. Critical thinking and exploring new ideas are essential components of his approach to business and life.

My father’s lesson since I was a kid:

Think twice before you speak.

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