13 Useful Retirement Planning Tips for Entrepreneurs


Diversify and Never Retire Diversify your activities and most importantly, never retire. A true entrepreneur will never reach a point of full satisfaction. Plus, it’s my personal belief that retirement is really not good for you. Any entrepreneur should diversify and when your financials allow it, invest in real estate for your peace of mind. It is best to invest in a new development and in an area that you believe in.   Source: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/13-useful-retirement-planning-tips-for-entrepreneurs_us_5a3d0690e4b06cd2bd03d9dd

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Eco-Friendly Mobile Car Wash Arrives in Newport


Earth Car Wash brings its mobile car wash, organic and biodegradable products, straight to where your car is parked.   Many people in Newport Beach strive to be eco-friendly, but sometimes it's hard to pinpoint how to go green. While some environmentally friendly options can be less convenient, more expensive, and harder to come by, a Newport Beach mobile car wash is providing an alternative. Earth Car Wash is designed to conveniently work around the customer's schedule, uses only all-natural, green, waterless products and strives for stellar customer service. "I wanted a service where the employees know your car, they know you, you [...]

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12 New Tech Devices That Entrepreneurs Love


Human-Carrying Drone We use drones in many aspects of our life. We use them for videos, delivering packages, defusing bombs and soon to fly us around. There is a company called Ehang that can soon make a huge difference is our lives, especially for the ones living in high traffic cities such as Los Angeles, C.A.   Source: https://tech.co/new-tech-devices-entrepreneurs-2017-04

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15 Ways to Ensure Your Customers Open Your Emails


Be of Interest “If your company is not interesting to the receiver, it is almost irrelevant what tricks you use to have them open an email. I know that if I am interested in a product or service, I will open most of their emails when time allows it, based on priorities.”   Source: https://smallbiztrends.com/2017/09/ensure-your-customers-open-your-emails.html

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Bookkeeping Software: 10 Picks Worth Your Money


Wave Accounting I recommend Wave Accounting as the best free accounting software for small businesses. Choose Wave from dozens of accounting software options for reasons like: price, flexibility and functionality. They have a really cool and functional new mobile app for your on-the-go expenses   Source: https://www.business.com/articles/scott-gerber-bookkeeping-softward-picks-worth-your-money/

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Top 10 Ways to Change Compensation Structure Without Causing Panic


Create a Healthy Competition from the Get-Go   “As an entrepreneur, I don’t ask my customers for a raise. I expand, create, invent. It should be the same for an employee. Provide more in order to make more. When I find myself saying too many times things such as “thank you” or “great job” to an employee, a raise is needed. If I think or talk too much about one specific employee, that’s a sign that I either need to fire or promote that employee.”   Source: https://smallbiztrends.com/2017/07/managing-compensation-changes.html

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