Should you have a morning routine or should you carpe diem?


Entrepreneurs, business people, and executives, please read below. Everyone else, carpe diem on some adventure websites.


Well, let’s start with the fact that I think is crucial to have a morning routine.
The first 5-10 min will dictate your day, and the morning structure will map out your day.


What works for me?

Every morning I wake up at 5 am. This is for the most part naturally. Rarely I need an alarm.
I guess that on top of the fact that I don’t sleep much, my body it’s used to a ritual.
In the first few minutes, I am making sure my state of mind is positive, by forcing positive thoughts and vibes into my mind.
Next, I quickly look through the calendar and reminders, followed by a quick check for any urgent emails (urgent only).

Depending on the activities for the particular day, I will either work out at 5.15 am or 4 pm. *To be completely honest, I recently restarted the workout sessions.

Every morning no matter what, I read for 30 min and I write my goals.

The importance of reading is not just the educational part, is also getting me to focus and accomplish as much as possible in 30 minutes.

I am a big believer in efficiency and I not letting 30 min going by without going through as many pages as possible and getting as much information and ideas as possible. This ritual preps me for the rest of the day.



Now, the most important part is left in the last part of my morning ritual.

My goals. Without writing my goals in the morning I am at risk of being carried away from my targets. Goals are keeping me on track.

I can’t talk enough about the importance of goals. But if you want one piece of advice from me, WRITE YOUR Fing GOALS!

If you need more convincing of the importance of goals, look at any successful person in the world and their views on the goals.


To prolong this blog and make it seem more thoughtful, I will add some more info about my first hour at work.

But with the three points up above (exercise, read a book and write your goals) I am pretty much done.


At work.

In my first minutes, up to the first hour, I will see what is a must to be accomplished for the day. I check on my immediate team goals. Yes, I have them write their own work goals as well and I encourage them to write their own at home.

Once I make sure the team and I are on the same page, I am getting on my work tasks. Throughout the day I am ensuring that the team is completing their goals.


In closing, I really think you should spend time planning the day, the month, the year, years, and life stages. This is the only way you will have your best chances to become your best.