As an entrepreneur, I’ve been calling the recession, or better said depression, since 2020. Last year, I thought the bubble was going to burst, but we printed more money and kept ourselves busy with wars and numerous new gender acceptance. While we focus on these things, the most basic facts are being ignored, and we’re heading for a major economic downturn.

The Workforce: Since 2020, we have seen a 30% reduction in the workforce on the field, and they’re claiming unemployment. We’ve produced 30% less, which is a major cause of concern for our economy.

Printing Money: The US has printed more than $12 trillion, which has led to inflation. The currency’s value is decreasing, and we’re heading for a significant financial crisis. We need to address this issue, or it’ll be too late.

Cryptocurrency: We’ve seen the rise of derivatives from the crypto world, and money is getting into a space black hole, moving all over the world and destabilizing economies. We need to take this seriously and work towards stabilizing our financial systems.

Vaccines: We paid for the vaccine and paid for people to take it. We’re also paying for people who got sick and currently paying for those who are getting sick from the vaccine. It’s time to focus on the impact of the vaccine on our economy and work towards minimizing the risks.

Lazy People: We have a world of confused people from all points of view, lazy people, and people who are still visualizing money instead of going to work. The success movie was a hit, and now we have people sitting on the couch receiving free checks every month. This is ironic, and it’s time for us to change our focus.

Preparing for the Recession: A major recession is coming, and we need to prepare for it. We need to make the right purchases and investments, and support less printing and free money. Entrepreneurs need to be prepared to weather the storm and make the necessary changes to their businesses.

Conclusion: In conclusion, it’s time to wake up and take action. We’re heading for a significant financial crisis, and we need to prepare for it. By focusing on the workforce, printing money, cryptocurrency, vaccines, and addressing the issue of lazy people, we can work towards stabilizing our economy. Entrepreneurs need to be proactive and make the necessary changes to their businesses to weather the coming recession. The question is, are you prepared?