I really think that the world as we know it and especially the car industry will change very much and very fast due to technology.

Is it cool to own a Ferrari at only 34? Yeah, of course, it is. Is it necessary for a very busy and active entrepreneur?… not really.

But in life, I figured that I really don’t want to have regrets. And I am not saying that this would have been a regret to really make me feel sorry for myself, but it would have definitely made me fail my materialistic goals.

My 458 Spider and Rolls Royce Wraith

Some of you wonder, how did my life change?
Not so much. I’ve become a millionaire twice. Once at 24 (right before the recession) and again at 31. I managed to lose almost everything during the recession and get back up to build new business and wealth.
What I’m trying to say, is that when you are not coming from money and especially when you’ve been around the block a few times, money and objects are not meaning much to you anymore.

Although not to be confusing here, I really love my cars. Fun, fast, reliable and in most places you are one of a kind. Meaning is only one Ferrari in a parking lot and if that is yours, people make you feel special. Well, the same on the road.

ferrari ag

But contrary to what people might think before they own an exotic car, it is just like anything new that you buy. It becomes normal after a few days.

So to make sense of this blog, I am very happy and proud of my achievements. I just wanted to express the feeling from inside as most of the people are wondering and usually they make a very big deal out of it.
It is a statement and I guess its ok to know that exotic cars owner did something out of the ordinary, but once you have it, your goals and objectives become just bigger.

And this statement might very well be confused with greed, but in reality, we are just humans. We have the exact behavior when we have very little and the same when we have much more than 99% of the people.

My advice for those who want higher achievements is that you work very hard, you be laser-focused on your goals, and the rest is trial and error.
Run through as many businesses or problems in any business until you make it.

Good luck and stay tuned!

Oh, and lastly, STOP listening to the selfish mofos out there that are telling you to stop spending your money and stop buying expensive stuff.
If you are carefully listening to these gurus, you will also find that the next advice is to invest in their hedge fund managing company or buy their cheap McDonalds. Think about it.

And moreover, my theory is that with the autonomous cars with 360 cameras taking over in the next 10-15 years, you will stand no chance of driving a Ferrari or any exotic cars around. All those cameras will be connected to the police department and you will probably get a ticket before you even think about feeling that 600-1000 hp. So go and enjoy your life now! What we know for sure, is this life.