Advice from me to you for 2020:

Write down all your mistakes from 2019 and call them lessons. Make sure you go over each one and you do what you need to master them going forward.

Our failures are what shape us in life, the greatest entrepreneurs or athletes of all time have failed a million times before they succeeded. Think of how many free throws or passes the greatest athletes missed before they hit the ones that really counted. The more reps you accrue in mistakes, the better chance you have in success. Know that you can lose 100 times, but then have one huge win and it can be worth far more than those losses.

Get in shape. Realize your life core values.

Everyone attributes ‘getting in shape’ to going to the gym. But you don’t have to go to the gym to get in shape. Buy some equipment for your home, garage, office, or anything. Buy some resistance bands, dedicate just 10 minutes of 3-4 days of the week to doing some isolation workouts for a different body part a day which you can look up with a 2-3 minute youtube video. You are telling me you are so busy that you can’t dedicate 30-40 minutes a week to getting in better shape to look and feel better about yourself? Or jump rope for 10-15 minutes a day 3 days a week? These are small steps to take to make yourself more fit. You don’t have to track your calories precisely but get a general idea of how many calories are in the things you are putting in your body, so then you can cut down on your portions. More importantly, begin to analyze everything like this and in the same exact way. How can you better partition your time and resources to everything to fit a 24-hour day? You have 8 hours to sleep, 8 hours to work, 2 hours to eat, where are your other 6 hours going?
We will do this together in 2020.

Set ridiculous goals for 2020. Write your main goals on a separate paper, and when you are done, multiply them by 10 and write them on your notebook to live by.

Always write down your goal or goals, it subconsciously increases the chance for you to fulfill them. Anytime you begin to forget or head back on your path of addictions, vices, and bad habits—you pick up the paper or bring up the notepad so you can remember what you said to yourself while you were in a clear mindset.

Give something to someone you do not know. A donation. A large amount of $ to a family in need or do something to help someone.

Never forget that we are all put on this Earth together, for whatever reason you believe or don’t believe. If you look at life from a perspective that we are all struggling and suffering in our own ways, you will understand that helping others is the only purpose for life. Help your family, first and foremost, but when they are taken care then help others.

Commit to a bold move in the first week of the year.

You cannot have success or fulfillment in your life without first taking risks. This is a fact. Taking the first big step is just the first piece of the puzzle. From there, each additional step is adding more pieces to the puzzle with consistency. Everyone always commits to something bold in the first week of the new year, but the question is, will you stay committed until the end of 2020? This is what makes or breaks a successful entrepreneur or person from an unsuccessful one. Taking a big risk and seeing it through with a vision, no matter what obstacles you face.

Improve your social life.

Believe it or not, humans learn more through socializing than anything. Through speaking with others, you understand others’ nature and mindsets and can learn about a variety of different subjects, professions, and hardships. This is what makes us wise as we grow older and more knowledgeable. When you are at a party or gathering you are just in the moment and having fun with your friends or colleagues, maybe having a few drinks. You aren’t thinking about how much smarter it is making you by being around so many different people and subconsciously extracting their perspectives to add to your own. I truly believe we need to push ourselves to socialize and interact with many different people for this reason.

Now go have fun and make it a memorable night!