Regardless of being an artist, an entrepreneur or even an expert, you should really consider starting a YouTube channel.

I have been advised by many people that have attended some of my meeting or have been in the same meetings with me, to post some of the meeting to hopefully help some entrepreneurs out there.

Some people say that YouTube is not as relevant anymore. Mostly due to the attention spam being so much shorter now. And people like very short videos and the swipe option to go to the next video.
Well, that seems to be true, but in all honesty, you do not want to deal with people with attention deficit.
We will come back to this after we conclude who should consider a youtube channel.

First of all, I only recommend it for honest people with solid core values. Why am I saying that?
If you are lying or you are not authentic, you will be on a camera and people will figure that out. Most importantly you will not be proud of yourself.

As for the rest of the people, it will be great to have an identity online. And even if is not special or educational, you can use it as your own diary.
This can help with a potential employer that can see your personality or skills.

Without a question entrepreneurs, artist, and experts should be very active on youtube. Mostly for their benefits (if nobody knows you, nobody can buy from you) but also to inspire the next entrepreneur, artist, etc.

You can also use the videos created as a personal reference. Look back and see if you would change something, improve or reinforce some of the strong values.

Use it to share a value you have, a recipe, or a funny trick. Share your culture and way of thinking, dancing or exercising. You never know who you will help or inspire, and you never know where your YouTube videos lead too.

Lastly, don’t forget, we live in a globally competitive world. Do not be the spectator, be the star, making things happen.